For newcomers who don’t want any spoilers at all, click here to jump right in!

What is Myldea?

Myldea is a continent located in a world where magic is not only real, but prevalent. Many magic users, mages, and masters live throughout the land, but no one truly knows the exact range of magical abilities.

This web serial tells the stories of those who live here, divided into series that follow a new generation. Each series is then broken up into books to hopefully make it easier for readers to follow and/or easily navigate.

Books are released one chapter at a time, usually on Mondays. Of course, this is a work in progress so occasionally uploading is delayed due to life or simply the fact I don’t deem a chapter ready for publishing. There’s also the chance of a rogue upload appearing on any given Thursday or Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled.

(Completed) The Blood Trilogy follows the story of Meah Flandine. Her quiet village life is disrupted when slave traders in black armor attack, seeking new flesh for the deadly Bloodfall Arena. Discovering she’s a healing magic user, she’s taken from her home and forced to travel in a caravan full of slaves, magic users and non magic users alike. The grueling journey to the Arena opens Meah’s eyes to a world outside her village. One that at times can be cruel, but also kind. Once reaching the Arena, Meah and the other slaves are sold and witness the cruelty of their new lives. Bloodfall Arena is the brainchild of Blood King Klaeon, a vicious man who enjoys the thrills of the fights and uses the Arena as a means of punishment to those who oppose him. As Meah settles into her new life as an Arena slave, she learns the magic inside of her is rare. Rare enough to place a target on her head. Now she must fight to survive and discover the truth of her magic. Begin reading her story here.

Blood Trilogy began January 31, 2014 and the final chapter was published May 28, 2015.

SPOILER WARNING: The following synopsis may spoil the Blood Trilogy. This is your courtesy warning to stop reading here if you don’t want Meah Flandine’s story spoiled. Again, this is a SPOILER WARNING.

The Source Series  takes place long after the Blood War ends and follows the story of Ariana (Ari), the daughter of Meah Flandine and Ime Gurek. Magic is fading in Myldea and Ime has gone missing, searching for the Source of Magic. Left behind in Kellahn, Meah raises Ari to the best of her ability, but her daughter’s adventurous nature and inherited wind magic makes it difficult. After strange men attack the city, Ari must leave to protect those she cares about and find her father. With her childhood friend Crofton Hila and the mysterious Kemp Romijn as traveling companions, she must make her way to the far distant continent Deirak across the Great Sea while also discovering the truth of her own magic. Begin reading her story here.

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