Welcome to the world of Myldea, a fantastical land of magic, stunning lands, and amazing creatures. Here you will find the stories of those who live in this world.

The Blood Trilogy follows the story of Meah Flandine, a healing magic user, as she discovers her true power and must fight for the freedom of a world she is forcibly thrust into. She will meet many, some who wish to help her and others who wish her dead. Begin reading her story here.

The Source Series follows the story of Ariana (Ari) Gurek, daughter of Meah Flandine and Ime Gurek. Ime has left in search of the Source of Magic to discover why magic has begun to fade from Myldea. Left behind in Kellahn, Meah raises Ari the best she can, but finds it hard to juggle a growing girl and the troubles of the city. After strange men attack Kellahn, Ari must leave in order to protect the city and find her father. With her childhood friend Crofton and the mysterious Kemp as traveling companions, Ari must make her way to the land of Deirak across the great Sea while also discovering the truth of her own magic. Begin reading her story here.

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