Chapter 21 Water

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He’s being called, his master’s rage filling him with heat. He can’t keep Him waiting.

He tells his companions to stop. They do, understanding. They feel the master’s rage and shy away from him.

He goes to meet with his master. When he enters his master’s room, the rage forces him to his knees.

You intend to betray me. Plotting your own plans and making promises without my knowledge.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, master.”

Don’t lie. Pressure surrounds him, forcing his body completely flat on the ground. You think I don’t see everything you do?

Struggling to turn his head, he grunts at the struggle to be sure he’s able to speak. “You see all I see. You hear all I hear. You know all I know.” The pressure lessens and he sits up. “But this will make everything easier.”

Explain how you could possibly think I would approve of what you’ve done. The one you place so much faith in has already failed me before.

“You must trust me, master. This is simply a contingency, a backup in case the worse happens.”

Silence. The rage has subsided, leaving curiosity.

I see. Perhaps I was too rash. Rejoin your group, but I’ll be keeping an eye on this so-called contingency.

He returns to his companions. They stare at him with the same distant looks as others his master controls.

“It’s time to leave Myldea. We need to prepare for our little air mage’s arrival in Deirak.” His companions make no move to acknowledge they understood him, but he’s grown used to this.

The one called Erled holds his arms up and the group clasps hands before disappearing.

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