Epilogue Air

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He watches the group leave the Redland Raider’s camp. He enjoyed seeing the girl’s fear and he knows his master enjoyed it as well.

But she still ventures on to find her father. He knows his master’s will is to keep her alive for the moment, but he wonders why. The longer she’s kept alive the higher chance her sealed magic will be released.

One of the caravan members hurries to the girl’s side and comforts her. The boy from Kellahn is visibly upset at the two’s familiarity. His master told him to keep an eye on the boy and now he sees why.

Perhaps there is a way to use him?

If they continue heading in this direction they’ll hit the forest where he came from. He’s been begging for a second chance.

His master’s voice echoes through his head. Yes, this is a chance for him to prove his loyalty. Send them there.

Standing, he calls out to his transporter. He feels magic surround him and he disappears, returning to the others under the power of the Source.

Previous Chapter                                                                                                End

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