Chapter 41 Blood War

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The celebration lasts two full days. When it feels as though it will calm, a new wave of excitement fills the citizens.

A ceremony is held at the largest square in Kellahn honoring the allied leaders. Herbart Slayer, Marin Varth, Pilian Grout, and Gaeren Banish are thanked for their aid and new, stronger friendships are formed between the lands. Gradyen Hutch, Jada Boor, and Farrow Klighdan are granted their own lands. Kordeaux Fellet and his mages are welcomed to Eraunel to learn more about magic and offer training to the younger Seers.

Several of the allied soldiers decide to remain in Kellahn and more celebrations begin due to the news.

The third day following the army’s return the sun rises on a quiet city. The air is cool and a light fog rises from the river below. Ime stands at the edge of the docks for those who fish in the river. He waves his hand in front of him making the mist swirl into delicate designs. Altan and Lyrrel stand behind him.

“Everything is prepared. Are you ready, Ime?” Altan asks.

Lowering his hand, Ime turns to the two. He stares at Lyrrel. “Do you think this will work?”

“I can’t give you a definite yes, but I think it will give us more answers than nothing.”

Ime heads into the burial site followed by Altan and Lyrrel. They walk past many graves and deeper into the cave. Altan takes lead to show the way to the oldest areas of the burial site. Torches line the walls providing warm light.

Entering a large cavern, Altan heads for one of the branching off tunnels. Low chanting rises from the depths and they walk into a smaller cavern. Seers from Eraunel stand around a body wrapped in cloth at the center of the room.

Altan steps to the side to allow Lyrrel and Ime room to enter. “What are they doing exactly?”

“Preparing and praying. This kind of magic is dangerous when dealing with negative spirits or evil souls,” Lyrrel says. “Most of the prayers are for protection.”

“Are you worried?” Ime asks.

Leaning his head to the side, Lyrrel shrugs. “Any time we use our magic there’s a chance for something to happen, whether it’s good or bad…that’s the risk we take.” He faces Altan and Ime. “I do have to warn both of you, if this does work, no matter what you hear, don’t enter the circle.”

Ime and Altan agree and Lyrrel walks to the head of the circle and takes a deep breath. He pulls a blue crystal from his pocket and bows his head. He joins in the chanting then raises his voice to start a new chant. Magic fills the room and the other Seers each pull out a matching crystal. Their voices vibrate the room and the crystals begin glowing with blue light.

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