Chapter 36 Blood War

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With Klaeon’s dying breath, dark shadows ooze from his body and pool on the floor. They fill like balloons becoming large bubbles. When they burst thousands of different colored lights fly out, most escaping straight up through the ceiling. The rest shoot out across the land, disappearing unseen by those below. One light, dark and streaked with blood is the last to disappear, shooting across the lands towards one goal.

A single white light moves slowly towards Meah, entering her chest, but she isn’t paying attention. Her eyes are locked on Ime’s still form at her feet. The sword became liquid as Klaeon died, leaving a hole through Ime behind. Blood pools around the open wound in his chest.

Meah falls to her knees and reaches out, shaking him in shocked silence. She feels a mournful cry swelling up inside her and the sound that escapes her lips is so full of pain and sorrow it reaches the ears of those below. Some of the fighting stops and eyes turn to look up at the throne room. Tanith’s ears perk up and she bolts towards the castle, dodging the legs and weapons of those still fighting.

Magic fills Meah, her eyes dilating until her irises are only thin lines and her body glows with a bright white light. Spirits and souls of the dead appear all around her, many floating upwards, but most hanging in the air. Meah’s eyes stare at the things surrounding her, but none are the one she wants.

She grabs Ime and, with great effort, pulls his body close to her and concentrates. The magic filling her grows stronger as it takes in Ime’s form and Meah releases it at its peak. A shockwave of magic explodes from her body and shoots across the land. The wave flies through those below, knocking both armies to the ground as though a great wind struck them.

The spirits of the dead return to their fallen bodies, bringing the men, women, and beasts back to life fully healed and confused. She feels her magic stretch far across the lands, as far as Kellahn. Her magic fades and soon the spirits left behind fade until only one lone spirit hangs in the air in front of Meah.

She reaches her hand towards it and the soft light lands on her hand. She feels the familiar warmth she’s been searching for and her magic moves up her arm. It grabs the light and pulls it into her heart. She feels it mix with her magic and growing stronger.

Turning Ime over onto his back, Meah leans down and kisses him on the lips. Her magic flows from her lips and fills Ime.

Gasping, Ime sits up. He touches his chest, but the wound is healed. He spins to face Meah and his eyes meet hers. “Did you…?”

Smiling, tears roll down Meah’s face and she nods her head, happily. “I brought you back to life.” She wraps her arms around him and her shoulders shake. She sobs and squeezes him tightly.

Still in shock at what happened, Ime pulls Meah close, placing a hand on the back of her head. He breathes her in, not fully willing to believe he’d been dead seconds ago. Then the thought that perhaps he wasn’t really alive takes its place before he pulls away from Meah. He stares deep into her eyes, seeing her and feeling her magic mixing with his before pulling her to him and kissing her deeply on the lips.

Confused yelling comes from below, tearing the two from their joyous moment. They both look towards the opening in the wall of the castle. The yells turn to cheers and Ime’s eyes land on Klaeon’s body. “And him?”

Meah shakes her head violently. “No. I brought everyone back, except for him.”

Ime’s eyes widen and he quickly turns his head to her. “Everyone?”

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