Chapter 35 Blood War

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Klaeon pushes Ime back and moves away from the opening. Ime immediately lunges for Klaeon again, swinging his blade. Klaeon dodges and attempts to slice Ime with his own sword. The floor beneath his feet drops out from under him and Klaeon’s swing is thrown off.

Jumping over the hole that appeared below his feet, Klaeon sends his blood at Ime. Spikes fly at Ime, but he punches them with his fist covered in flames. The blood evaporates and Ime throws balls of fire at the Blood King.

The fire flies past Klaeon as he dodges and runs for cover behind a pillar. He sends shadows into the floor and reappears from the opposite side of the pillar, making an attempt to go for Meah.

Ime intercepts and uses wind to knock Klaeon back. The shadows erupt from the floor and wrap around Ime’s legs. Ime tries to pull his legs free, but when that doesn’t work he uses fire. Klaeon swings his sword at Ime’s side. Ime’s legs aren’t free in time so he falls backwards, watching the blade of the sword swing over his face. Before his back hits the stone floor, Ime uses his wind to catch him and throw him back up. Using the momentum, Ime punches Klaeon across the face and once he feels one leg free, he kicks the sword from Klaeon’s hand.

Swinging his own sword at the now weaponless Klaeon, Ime aims for the Blood King’s head. Klaeon lunges forward, surprising Ime and knocking his sword from his hand. The two land on the floor and Klaeon punches Ime across the face. He grabs his throat with both hands and squeezes tightly. Ime slams his hand onto the floor and cracks run across the floor to the wall. The stones in the wall fly across the room and slam into Klaeon.

The Blood King is thrown off Ime and Ime quickly rolls away. He lifts himself onto his hands and knees and rubs his bruised throat. He stands and sees Klaeon already on his feet, glaring at Ime. Ime notices rain falling outside and gathers the water behind Klaeon.

Klaeon creates a blade made of his own blood and walks towards Ime. His scarlet eye fades back to brown as the man regains control from the magic. “You’re frighteningly aggravating to fight.”

Filling his arms with magic, Ime shrugs his shoulders. “You’re frustratingly hard to kill.”

Klaeon’s eyes search the destroyed throne room, emotionless. He spies Meah watching the fighting from behind the throne. “Life Healer. This is all because of you. I want you to know that no matter the outcome.”

“From what I’ve heard, this is all because of your village and their tampering with forbidden magic,” Meah responds, as a second thought, she adds, “Einar Vacuda.”

A wave of disgust passes over Klaeon’s face. “I should’ve had Teron kill all the Seers from that pathetic forest city. They learn too much for their own good.”

Shadows surround Meah and wrap around her. She shrieks in surprise, but her magic seeps from her skin and the shadows melt away. She stands and moves in front of the throne, staring at Klaeon’s surprised face defiantly. “Your Blood Magic won’t work on me anymore.”

The water Ime has been gathering flies through the opening and swallows Klaeon, trapping him in a floating bubble of water and raising him above the floor. The shocked look on his face twists as he struggles to not inhale the water. He slices at the water with his sword, but the water only rejoins wherever he splits it.

Ime releases his magic in his arms and blue fire covers them. He walks towards Klaeon and the water opens around Klaeon’s chest. Ime punches the Blood King with Jaxon’s blue fire, throwing him from the water bubble. The water steams and the hissing of the evaporating water echoes over the sound of fighting from below.

The armor around Klaeon’s chest is burned away revealing his skin beneath. He coughs for air and wipes the water from his eyes. Ime appears in front of him and his arms change from blue to white fire.

Shadows leap at Ime from all sides, but he raises one hand and the white flames disperse them. He knees Klaeon in the face, forcing the man to reveal his bared chest. The white fire around Ime’s fist becomes a point and Ime punches it through Klaeon’s chest.

Klaeon’s eyes widen and Ime feels the Blood Magic trying to enter him. He leaps away, surprised that Klaeon isn’t incinerated, but when he sees the scarlet eye roll up at him he understands why. The Blood Magic managed to keep the white fire from spreading, but it’s too late. Klaeon is dying and he falls face first onto the floor, unable to move.

The white flames fade and Ime heads over to Meah. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

Shaking her head, Meah wraps her arms around him. “I’m sorry about Kiphy.”

Pulling away from her, Ime looks to the opening where Kiphy fell to his death. “Klaeon’s been defeated. That’s what he wanted.”

Warm liquid splashes onto Meah’s face, blinking as the liquid flies into her eye. She raises a shaking hand to wipe the strange liquid from her face as Ime’s eyes widen. When she pulls her hand away she sees blood on her fingers.

Both she and Ime glance down and see a blade made of blood sticking out of Ime’s chest above his heart. Ime raises his head to Meah and his eyes gloss over, becoming unfocused. He falls to the ground and Meah sees Klaeon holding himself up with one hand. His other hand is aimed at her and she realizes he’d managed to gather the last of his magic to create the blade and throw it at Ime.

Laughing, Klaeon’s strength leaves him and he collapses to the ground, dead with a smile on his face.

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