Chapter 28 Blood War

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Days of fighting have left both sides with casualties, but no clear sign of who’s winning.

The afternoon sun shines down on the battlefield mercilessly. The bodies of men, women, and beasts lie scattered. Soldiers gather the dead to prevent disease and from the possibility of crushing the bodies as the fighting continue.

The wounded line up for the Healers to use their magic. Messages arrive stating the movement of the rest of Klaeon’s army is increasing as they make their way to the final fight.

As Ime enters the foray of battle, a strange feeling grows from inside. He wonders if Meah is all right. He wonders if the strangeness of the air is being caused by the magic filling it, or if it’s simply the feeling that this would be the deciding day.

He comes across Berk weeping and discovers the reason quickly. Gaeren has been slain. His body is run through with spears and swords of varying sizes. But judging from the site of the battleground, the ones responsible perished as well.

Berk waves Ime away when he tries to comfort him and a passing rogue group of Blood Army soldiers try to attack the grieving man. Berk is forced from his sadness and easily wipes out the group, his rage ignited. He runs head long into the front lines of the Blood Army, sending a surge of energy through Ime’s forces.

They push the Blood Army back, gaining ground and moving ever closer to the towering castle where Klaeon is believed to be hiding.

The allied leaders fight with gusto and excitement, barely showing the exhaustion of the long battles. The word of Gaeren’s death does little to hamper their fighting spirits and for some gives them something to inspire their soldiers with, claiming the next round of deaths as vengeance for the loss.

As the day of fighting comes to end and both sides rest, new thoughts echo through the allied forces. How long before the full Blood Army gathers at the castle? How long can the allied forces fight before turning the tide of the war?

The sun rises and fighting continues. Herbart Slayer and Marin Varth lead the first wave of attacks, barreling through large concentrations of Klaeon’s men. Small victories are celebrated as the army moves ever closer to the Blood King’s castle.

Magic races through the air from both sides and the allied forces lose ground as large golems of stone and earth rise and swing large weapons made of boulders and tree trunks at the fighters.

But still the war goes on and Klaeon has yet to actually be seen.

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