Chapter 37 Blood Fire

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A field covered in fog, waiting for battle. Two armies, one black and made of shadows and blood, the other white and made of light and stars stand on either sides of the field. The first army is larger than the second, creating a black wall at one end of the field.

Meah stands on the soon to be battlefield at the center of the two armies. She’s unseen, a ghost of the land.

She looks up to the sky to see fire raining down and a blood red sun. The fog fades and horns sound from both sides of the field.

The two armies charge forward. Fighting erupts around her, but there’s no sound. She walks through the fighting and everything seems to slow down.

Each figure moves with a graceful slowness. Blades slowly stab into men and screams of pain are nearly frozen on faces.

She moves through the armies and finds the ones she’s been searching for. Ime and Klaeon fight in an open area, free of distractions. She tries to scream Ime’s name. Suddenly, the fighting speeds up and Klaeon strikes Ime to the ground with his blood red fire.

Meah runs to Ime, but Klaeon turns to her, seeing her clearly. Ime reaches for Meah as blood pools beneath him. Klaeon raises his hand and fire roars towards her.

The fire disappears as an arrow of light cuts through it. A third army appears in the distance. This one is made of men and a powerful man sits at the head wearing armor of white light.

The army of men charges, joining with the army of light, and pushes the black army back. The man in white armor joins Ime and attacks Klaeon, forcing the man away. Ime stands and he and the man in white armor overpower Klaeon.

As the two deliver the final blow, Meah awakens and sits up, gasping for air. A name echoes in her head.

“Gaeren Banish.”

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