Chapter 13 Blood Fire

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The dining hall is loud with excited chatter and plates being piled on top of other plates. Many have renewed life from the terrors of the caves. Long forgotten smiles have returned and the warm reception from Wynsil and the Seers of Eraunel has revitalized the strength of most of the group.

Ime and Meah sit with Jaxon, Bruer, Fleance, Bern, Mava, Rava, and Cal. “Anyone know where Daniil and Kylii were off to this morning?” Rava asks.

“Probably to go cause trouble,” Ime answers.

“Actually, I saw Kylii wandering around on his own earlier. He must have found something and wanted to show Daniil,” Jaxon adds.

“Tanith will keep them out of trouble.”

“And what about you two? Anything planned for today?”

Meah sneaks a sly smile to Ime. “Truthfully, we’d planned on having some private time together, to relax.”

“In fact,” Ime says, standing, “I think it’s time to start.”

“Shame. I was hoping to invite Ime to join us in some friendly sparring,” Jaxon says, anxiously. “Lyrrel has offered the training grounds of the city’s guards to us and Bruer, Fleance, and I were planning on some early morning exercise. Anyone is welcome to join us.” He shoots the last sentence through the dining hall.

Before answering, Ime wraps his arm around Meah’s waist. “Unfortunately, I’ll have to decline. But perhaps I will take you up on your offer another day.”

Jaxon bows his head, defeated. “I look forward to it.”

Ime and Meah head out of the dining hall. As they pass Lyrrel, Ime grabs his arm. “Lyrrel, Meah and I would like some…explicit privacy for the day. Is there anywhere we can go to be fully undisturbed by others? Somewhere separate from other rooms and crowded areas?”

Confusion fills Lyrrel’s face. “Is your room not satisfactory?”

“No, our room’s fine,” Meah adds quickly. “But everyone knows where it is. We don’t want to be disturbed by anyone. Unless it’s an emergency of course.”

“We do have a private room located at the back of the tower close to the top floor. It’s fully sound proofed and only the highest of Seers and Wynsil know its exact location. It’s usually reserved for those who wish to meditate in absolute privacy. It hasn’t been used in many years, though, so I can’t assure its current status…or cleanliness.”

“That will do just fine,” Ime says, beaming. “Lead the way.”

As Lyrrel leads the two away from the dining hall and up the stairs, the rest of the group finishes their breakfasts. Mava, Rava, and Bern decide to venture to the markets of the city for extra supplies. Bon excitedly asks if she can join them along with several others. Cal eagerly volunteers to go as well.

“The more the merrier,” Rava says, happily.

“If you finish early, you are welcome to join us at the training grounds for some rounds,” Jaxon offers. He, Bruer, and Fleance leave the hall.

Those remaining peel off, the supply group leaving as one. It isn’t until supper the group joins together again. Ime and Meah emerge from their private room, glowing. Kylii, Daniil, and Tanith appear and happily tell the others about their day with the children. Jaxon, Bruer, and Fleance grab food and then disappear to their rooms to nurse their freshly gained bruises and sore muscles.

The supplies purchased by the Eene sisters’ group are stored with the rest of their supplies and more stories of life before the Arena are shared before the group retires for the night.

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