Chapter 21 Blood Fall

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Meah feels her strength returning and uses the wall of the Arena to stand. Daniil and Kylii keep a group back, Bern fights beside Rava and Mava. Everyone able to fight is fighting. Meah sees the slaves that were wounded in the Blood King soldier’s attack. The few slaves who can provide a little healing magic are trying to help those with minor wounds.

Those fighting focus on the more dangerous slaves, so Meah carefully makes her way to the injured slaves. She nearly stumbles and steadies herself with the wall.

“You can do it,” a voice says above her.

She looks up and sees a cloaked figure staring down at her. She tries to see his face, but he leans back out of sight. She returns her attention to the injured slaves and takes a deep breath. She uses the wall to propel herself forward and reaches the group of wounded.

A woman with blood crusted hair is trying to heal a man whose legs are broken when she stares up at Meah. “You’re the new Healer they brought yesterday, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I can help with the more serious wounds.”

“We have people dying here. I can only help stop the bleeding.”

Meah points to another Healer. “How about you?”

The man looks up from the slave he’s tending. “I can fix broken bones, but if they’ve lost too much blood I can’t help.”

Meah looks to the third Healer.

“I can only heal cuts and bruises.” The girl’s voice is high and shrill.

“All right. I need names.”

“Skara,” the woman with blood-crusted hair says.

“Tristan,” the man says.

“B-Bon,” the girl with the high voice squeaks.

Meah looks around at the wounded and takes a calming breath to organize her thoughts. “Skara and Tristan fix those with broken bones and internal bleeding then Bon clean up the cuts and bruises. Have you already separated the ones with more life threatening injuries?”

Skara nods and points to a small group lined up against the wall. “Some of them are too close to death for us to help.”

“Don’t worry about that. Make sure you move together. Whoever isn’t working, keep an eye out for attackers.”

“What do we do if someone comes too close?” Tristan asks.

“We’ll take care of them,” a voice says. Rava, Mava, and Bern surround the group, weapons at the ready.

The three Healers start working as Meah directed. Meah works quickly to bring those closest to death back. Unfortunately, one is too-far-gone for her to help. She reluctantly moves on. She absorbs an overflow of stimuli as she works, but manages to focus on the areas she needs to heal. She gains more and more control as she works.

Those she heals thank her and take up discarded weapons to join in the fight. She finishes healing those close to death and helps Tristan, Skara, and Bon with the freshly wounded approaching them.

Meah is so focused on ehaling that she ignores the fighting occurring all around her until she looks up for a moment of reprieve. A small barricade is surrounding the Healers making it easy for them to focus on their work. She sees Daniil and Kylii standing at the forefront of the barricade. Ime takes care of the combatants not pursuing the gathered slaves. Meah continues helping those being brought to her. Tristan, Bon, and Skara listen to every direction she gives and function as a group.

A loud bell rings out across the Arena, but it isn’t until the drums start again that Meah realizes the fighting is over. She finishes healing the last of the wounded and looks up. Standing with effort, she gently pushes her way to view the Arena. Blood stains the ground red and bodies of slaves and opponents alike litter it.


Daniil and Kylii make their way to her. Both have cuts, but are mostly intact. Their eyes move from her to the wall of people behind her. And they smile.

Above them the audience cheers, filling the Arena with thunderous noise. Those who are left join in the cheer. Those behind Meah chant her name.

“I thought I told you not to draw attention,” Ime says walking in front of Meah.

“I couldn’t let them die.”

Ime sighs and a small smile forms on his lips. “At least you didn’t bring anyone back from the dead. You certainly got the people’s attention.”

Meah smiles and wraps her arms around him. His eyes widen and he tenses. She looks at Daniil and Kylii and pulls them into the hug, too. The brothers are confused, but wrap their arms around her and Ime.

“Congratulations, victors.” The booming voice silences the Arena. Ime, Meah, Daniil, and Kylii release each other and face the private box. The Blood King is standing, applauding the slaves. “It would appear the newest fighters to our beloved Arena have more fight in them than previous groups. I applaud your strength and look forward to seeing you in future fights. I decree these fighters be given a day’s reprieve to relax and enjoy their victory. And for those of us who were here to witness this inspiring show of abilities, a celebration is in order!”

The Arena explodes in applause and cheers of agreement. The slaves rejoice and hug each other. Tears roll down many cheeks and some fall to the ground weeping. They have survived their first fight.

Rava, Mava, Bern, Tristan, Bon, and Skara grab Meah and provide her second group hug of the day. She is surprised to see tears in their eyes.

Meah looks at her cellmates with a smile, but it quickly fades. Ime and the brothers are looking at each other with worried expressions. A chill runs up her spine. She looks towards the Blood King to find his eyes locked on her. His smile is an evil, vulpine grin.

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