Chapter 1 Blood Fall

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The light cannot chase them away. They are there, always there, watching. Standing as still as statues and always watching.

Shadows. So many shadows…watching.

No features distinguish them. They’re only shadows. What defines them is where and how they stand. Most stand together stretching far back into the distance like an ocean of shadows, but two stand above the others. They’ve always stood above the others, facing each other.

The shadows are always there. They are always the same.

But, this time, there is something more. Strange symbols appear above each shadow. The symbols are unfamiliar and composed of different things.

One symbol is made of ice, another of fire. One symbol is made of metal, another of leaves. One symbol is made of light, another of darkness. And so on. Hundreds, thousands of symbols made of different things.

The two standing above the others have symbols above them as well, but, unlike the others, the two shadows themselves have transformed into the shapes of men. Their eyes are the only facial features visible.

One has a symbol made of the four elements; earth, water, air, and fire mixing together as though they were living things. Its eyes shine with a white flame.

The other has eyes as black as the night sky, darker than the shadow making up its body. The symbol above it is made of a dark liquid–Blood.

Red droplets fall to the ground. Dark spots gather and soon the droplets create a small stream. The droplets fall more frequently and the stream becomes a river.

The shadows move away from the river of blood, splitting apart. The shadow with white flames for eyes looks down at the river and raises a hand. Fire erupts from its hand and sets the river ablaze. The fire turns dark red, mimicking the blood and rises high into the sky.

The two shadow figures face each other as the bloody flames engulf them and the other shadows.

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